Windows 8 Storage spaces

by Thor Erik — on

So I decided to set up Storage spaces on my windows 8 computer, mainly since I tend to end up with way more storage space than you'd presume.

Most of the time I rely on network storage which got an ok speed most of the time, usually limited by the disk in the other end:

Network comparison

Though, I do use an SSD, but that is quite small, but got a great rw speed:

SSD comparison

So when I set up storage spaces, I wasn't really prepared for the performance gain/impact it have, the following speed test shows what storage spaces, in parity mode, is good at. I have not tested it in any other modes so can't talk about their performance here.

Storage Spaces comparison

The drives underneath is 4 equal Seagate Baracuda ST3000M001, my storage spaces config looks as follows:

Storage spaces configuration

Finally, just to show why I want that server with 2TB memory:

RAM comparison